Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dr. Stanley Hauer

In my two years at the University of Southern Mississippi, I, like every other student, have encountered numerous professors along the way. Some have been great. Some have been less than great. However, even fewer have had the ability to really speak to me as a student. Dr. Stanley Hauer has been one of the few who has taught me much more than the works of Shakespeare and other great writers of early British literature. This semester has been my first encounter with Dr. Hauer, and I hope it is not my last. Although he announced his retirement early in the semester, Dr. Hauer promises to come back to USM occasionally to teach a class or two. I cannot fathom the wait list for anything he decides to teach. I first heard of Dr. Hauer when I changed my major to English last year. He was recommended from every peer that I spoke with. I can honestly say I have never heard a foul word about Dr. Hauer. That in itself is a great accomplishment. Having Dr. Hauer for my first section of British literature has been nothing short of fantastic. I'm thankful for all that he has done for the sake of education. Dr. Hauer, you will be missed, not by myself alone but by all of the students you have inspired throughout the years.

Photo courtesy of The Student Printz

Here's a link to an article written by Michelle Holowach, a coworker of mine, wrote about Dr. Hauer's retirement. 

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