Monday, April 25, 2011


I created this glog for my library science class. I centered my glog around my recent visit to William Faulkner's grave while I was visiting friends in Oxford, Mississippi. I thoroughly enjoyed by trip. Being an English major, seeing the same surroundings as one of my favorite authors is quite an enlightening experience. The glog features various pictures I personally took as well as a borrowed image, many links to a few websites pertaining to William Faulkner, and a link to his Nobel Prize acceptance speech from 1950.

Would you like more information on glogging? Here is a free presentation created by a user on Slide Share that further explains the ins and out of glogging. Glogging Presentation, "Glog On"

You can check out my glog on William Faulkner's grave site here:

Image courtesy of Millsaps College (

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